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How to handle layoffs or a reduction in force.

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Conducting a layoff is a difficult process that some businesses may have to face. The basic compliance components to review during the layoff/RIF process are outlined below. STEP 1: SELECT EMPLOYEES FOR LAYOFF After an employer has designed its future organizational structure, a system for determining who will stay and who will go must be created....

When Remote Layoffs Are Inevitable, How to Cut Ties Gracefully For employees, remote terminations can feel especially isolating. These tips can help you support them on their way out.

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Managment of Conflicts
No one likes layoffs. For employees, losing a job can be a traumatic event. And for a leader, cutting someone from your team comes with its own kind of pain. Still, for any number of reasons, layoffs may be a hard but necessary move. Over the past two years, more and more companies have had to navigate...

Can You Ask Applicants About Their Vaccine Status?

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As more businesses are requiring proof of vaccination for their employees and customers, a question that often arises is whether it is lawful to ask an applicant about their vaccine status. While we are generally hesitant about encouraging such inquiries (for the reasons summarized below), the short answer (in nearly all places in the U.S.)...