Month: January 2023

7 Human Resource Management Basics Every HR Professional Should Know

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Improved Training & Development
budgets for L&D efforts. This budget is then distributed amongst employees, with trainees, future leaders, and other high potentials often receiving more training opportunities than others. Individuals may arrive at a company with vastly different knowledge and experience. L&D provides employees with a way in which to bridge skill gaps and develop into leaders. A well-known...

How much did Human Resources Professionals make in 2022?

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Top-Paying HR Positions Focus on Critical Roles, Cultural Change, Employee Support Nontraditional HR positions have grown in importance, and this is reflected in their wages. Employees' greater expectations for a supportive organizational culture are being reflected in higher pay for HR professionals, new research shows. Compensation data and software firm Payscale's Top Jobs and Skills in...
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What is Human Resources Compliance, and Why is it Important?

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How to align your people, processes, and technology with ever-changing regulations and mandates. Amid shifting workplace policies, an ever-challenging hiring climate, and evolving regulations, Human Resources (HR) professionals are bringing compliance to the forefront of their strategies to ensure business continuity. And it’s not just organizational reputation that’s on the line; the average cost of non-compliance has risen more...