Month: April 2022

Seeking more projects for your HR consulting practice?

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HRDoorway is your best source! Not a subscriber? Get full access to all RFQs automatically emailed to you in real time! your Human Resources consulting practice to the next level and bid on projects nationwide. Simple sign up and participation.1. Sign up with your Linkedin credentials or email3. Pick your subscription expertise4. Choose...

7 HR Tips for Handling Employee Layoffs

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Evaluating & Monitor HR Policies
HR is all too familiar with the hazards and consequences of company downsizing. Delivering news of layoffs, paycuts, and furloughs is never easy, but unfortunately, it's a responsibility that falls on many HR professionals. While delivering difficult news never gets easier, HR can help make the process as painless as possible. While letting employees go...

How Historic Has the Great Resignation Been?

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Recruitment & Retention
The Great Resignation continues along an historic path among all previously reported years of quits data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics began reporting the number of U.S. workers who quit their jobs in December 2000, giving a trove of monthly data on the ebbs and flows of workers...