Month: October 2023

New hires are considering quitting within the first 6 months because of these 3 onboarding issues

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Improved Training & Development, Recruitment & Retention
The honeymoon phase of a new job is getting shorter and shorter. Just 38% of new employees who have worked at a company for less than six months plan to stay at their organization for three or more years, according to a recent report from Qualtrics. That percentage is slightly smaller for frontline workers, 34%...

Are Your Candidates Lying to Get the Job?

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Evaluating & Monitor HR Policies
In a recent interview, Trent Griffin-Braaf, president of Tech Valley Shuttle in Cohoes, N.Y., discovered a job candidate was lying, stating that their current position was a managerial role. Through fact-checking, Griffin-Braaf confirmed this was untrue. Hiring managers can likely relate. A recent ResumeLab survey found that 70 percent of workers lie on resumes, with the...