Month: September 2021

Attracting Talent During a Worker Shortage

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Evaluating & Monitor HR Policies, Recruitment & Retention
Recent reports show employers across the country are scrambling for ways to fill their open requisitions. While it might sound contradictory, the U.S. is experiencing higher unemployment numbers and a labor shortage. Conversations with our clients indicate that filling low-wage and hourly positions has been particularly a challenge. How do you attract high-quality talent in...

Employers Can Require COVID-19 Vaccination, EEOC Says

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Evaluating & Monitor HR Policies, Management of Compliance & Legal
Employers can legally require COVID-19 vaccination for employees to re-enter the workplace and can provide incentives to encourage employees to get a shot, according to new guidance issued Friday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Companies are still required to provide reasonable accommodations for employees who are exempt from mandatory immunization based on the Americans...