Talent Exchange Networks Are A Recruiter’s Lifesaver

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You know the old saying, it’s not what you know, but who you know. This saying will always be true, but it was a bit more relevant when personal connections were the essential asset for recruiters, particularly those working in executive search. While gaining and keeping personal networks are still important, when it comes to recruiting in today’s market, having access to large, qualified professional candidate pools has taken over as the top priority for recruiters.

Recent statistics show that there are about a million more job postings than there are people looking for work. That means the fight for the best talent out there is sure to be stiff. Recruiters need to use unique strategies for sourcing candidates and take advantage of the advanced technology available today.

Enter — talent exchange networks.

By connecting recruiters and hiring professionals with lists and networks of qualified talent, talent exchange networks will give you access to passive talent and a greater number of candidates than ever before.

Expand Your Network
A talent exchange network like IQTalent Xchange grants you access to databases of more than 300 million diverse, qualified candidates. Tapping into this technology instantly expands your reach and adds value to your recruiting efforts. 

When it comes to your talent pool, bigger is better. The more candidates you have to choose from, the higher your chances of finding that perfect fit. So, logically, it makes sense to invest in a platform that not only connects you with qualified candidates but helps you research and interact with candidates you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own.

Passive candidates are a goldmine for recruiters. These candidates are not actively searching for a role, so they are not likely to be active on job boards but have already proven their value to the workforce. Identifying and engaging with these candidates can be tricky.

With a solution like IQTalent Xchange, our industry-leading AI works together with hands-on candidate sourcing experts to do all the tedious research for you, delivering you a curated list of qualified passive talent for you to begin your outreach. The platform saves your team time and money and adds a deeper level of depth and value to your talent pools.

Focus On Staying Flexible
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (Set to the music from the cinematic masterpiece, Shrek 2.)

This past year demonstrated just how rapidly and wildly things can change. One minute you’re sitting at work dreading that morning meeting; the next, you’re navigating working from home while pets, kids, and family cause distractions!

Over 18 months later, we’re still finding ways to adjust to the world around us.

Being flexible and staying adaptable are the keys to weathering the uncertainties of the future, and organizations need to focus on enhancing those skills to remain resilient. With a talent exchange network, you can set your goals yourself, ensuring you fulfill your team’s specific needs. And, because you only invest in the candidate research when you need it, you can ensure you stick to your budget.

The control over the process means that you have the ability to adjust your strategies in real-time as you respond to changes in the market. This flexibility helps you keep your head above water so that you can build out a skilled, diverse team.

Grow As You Go
Your organization is focused on growth, and that’s exactly what a talent exchange network can help you achieve. With access to more skilled candidates, you can be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job. Building out a strong and talented team helps to increase your productivity and profitability.

Talent exchange networks with a diversity feature like Diversify by IQTX™ also connect you with qualified candidates that fall into underrepresented populations in your organization. Our experts can build you out a list of talent that varies in ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, and age. Diversity within your team is crucial. Not only do employees want to work for organizations prioritizing diversity and inclusion, but diverse teams are also generally more profitable than other teams.
The bottom line is that in order for your organization to grow, you need to invest in a skilled, diverse team. That all starts by investing in high-quality candidate research to build out a list of strong individuals.

With IQTalent Xchange, you not only receive a curated list of talent specialized to your specific needs, but you get to keep that list forever. You can tap into the list of talent whenever you need to, giving you an edge on your hiring strategy.
Talent exchange networks are the key to recruiting in this modern age. With a strong list of skilled candidates and a focus on hiring a diverse team, your company can edge out the competition in the fierce war for top talent.

Diversify by IQTX™ is a cutting-edge solution to recruiters’ needs. In addition to the IQTalent Xchange platform, Diversify by IQTX™ focuses on generating a list of highly qualified candidates that identifies women and underrepresented minorities within the candidate research results. This helps your organization to ensure you’re not only hiring diverse talent but the best talent on the market. To see how Diversify by IQTX™ can help you reach your hiring goals, reach out to our team of experts today.

Chris Murdock