Diversity and Human Resources

Evaluating & Monitor HR Policies, Recruitment & Retention

Diversity isn’t just a moral issue.  There is a business case that can be made for hiring and promoting diversity in the workplace.  From recruitment to mentoring, human resources has a main role in the strategy.

Diversity and HR

The workplace is becoming increasingly more global.  With that in mind, diversity translates to into a competitive advantage for companies who embrace it.  It also allows those companies to find and leverage untapped opportunities.

Want to know how to promote an inclusive culture through impactful initiatives for diversity?

HR promotes diversity

As a strategy, diversity gives companies an opportunity to start identifying new trends.  They can do this because their workforce is representative of its customers.  As a result, it can hone in on those factors that motivate staff, reduce absenteeism and increases productivity levels all by creating an inclusive environment.

So, what is HR’s role?

HR professionals’ key role is in management and leadership that creates and empowers a diverse culture.  One that is respectful and inclusive and grants each employee the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to the company.

Monitoring diversity

In most companies it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what diversity is like for that particular organization.

To combat this, HR teams should monitor diversity.  This can be done through audits.  This should be done, not only for current employees, but in recruitment practices as well.  This will allow for progress to be measured effectively.

Widening the talent pool

When it comes to diversity, HR should focus on building a diverse workforce through recruitment or development. There are a myriad of ways of doing this.  Some can be through internal or external partnerships. 

Mentoring and Diversity

Like recruitment, mentoring can be internal or external. For instance, some HR professionals work with schools or local youth groups. This helps with fostering talent early and making sure more diverse individuals are aware of the opportunities.

Supplying Diversity

HR teams should understand it is vital to ensure the diversity of your supply chain.  Furthermore, it should reflect your consumer base, but also that there is a business case for supply chain diversity. 

Diversity’s Future

It is clear HR has a role in diversity.  Companies should start, if they’re not already, thinking about making these changes to recruitment, but they will have to implement them as soon as possible. 

That said, these steps can help propel the company onto a positive trajectory.  Even with positive changes in recruitment, other areas such as mentoring, supplier chain diversity and progression and leadership still need to be focused on to ensure companies are aiding ethnic minority progression within their organizations.