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How does HRDoorway work?

HRDoorway is a self-directed platform connecting Human Resources consultants with Human Resources outsourcing projects, requests for proposals and request for quotations in the private and public sectors.

Human Resources Consultants (HRC)

If I’m a consultant how do I sign up?

  1. Go here to create an account with your Linkedin credentials or email.
  2. Complete your profile. This is your opportunity to sell yourself.
  3. Select the subscription type and categories that apply to your skills.
  4. Sit back and let HRDoorway’s matching technology email projects that meet your skills.

What happens when I’m notified as a consultant about a private sector project?

  1. Review and approve or decline the RFQ
  2. Create and submit proposal
  3. The proposal will be accepted or rejected by the HRC with an email notification
  4. Receive or send contract for execution. Start project.

What happens when I’m notified as a consultant about a public sector project?

Follow the link to view the scope then select the url of the entity to participate in their established process. HRDoorway only notifies users of opportunities. The platform does not facilitate the public entity RFQ process.

Do you have a Human Resources Consultant HRC video?

Yes. It’s located on the home page then select “how it works” then HR Consulting

What are the fees for a Human Resources Consultant HRC to subscribe?

Subscriptions start from free and up depending on skillset and the number of categories

How does the free account work?

A free subscription allows the user to see partial information of matching RFPs, RFQs and projects. To view the entire scope and receive listed updates you must have a paid subscription.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

If I’m outsourcing a project how do I sign up?

Go here to create an account with your Linkedin credentials or email.

If I’m outsourcing my project, how do I get my project listed?

  1. Login here
  2. Select “my projects” then “new project” Complete the project scope page. Upload any corresponding documents.
  3. Select “add project and show matching HR consultants”
  4. HRDoorway’s exclusive matching technology will actively invite consultants to view your project.
  5. Review matching consultants then invite to participate in your RFQ. Then receive notification of participation.
  6. After the deadline expires, review all proposal submittals. Accept or reject.
  7. Request the human resources consultant’s contract, accept or reject.
  8. Contact the selected awardee directly to schedule a call or video chat, discuss scheduling, logistics and arrange invoicing

What are the fees to list a Human Resources Outsourcing HRO project?

Zero. HRDoorway.com does not charge for any RFP, RFQ or project listings.

Do you have a Human Resources Outsourcing HRO video?

Yes. It’s located on the home page then select “how it works” then HR Outsourcing

Where do I find the terms and conditions?

Where do I find your privacy policy?

What are the average bid values?

The project values vary widely depending on the need of the HRO

Is there a minimum or maximum bid value to use the platform?


What is your refund policy?

If you are ever unsatisfied, please send us a message and we will prorate your annual subscription. We do advise to give the service a few months as opportunities are posted often but do fluctuate due to client needs. A single bid award can well outweigh the cost of an HRDoorway subscription.

Does HRDoorway offer a compliance resource?

Yes. HRCs or HROs can select from federal, state or the general library for any compliance needs. The forms are updated automatically and the cost covers lifetime access.

How does our company get listed on the Partner Marketplace page?

Send a message here with your industry, company name, contact name, email and phone number.

What if I’m an HRO or HRC and need further instruction?

You may contact us via chat and/or request visual step by step instructions at any time.